Texting Assignment

  1. Describe and explain in at least ½ a page what your topic is about. You should explain as if you are talking to someone who has no idea what your topic is about.  /10
  2. Choose ONE of the following: /10
    a. Why is it important to know about your topic?
    b. From the perspective of someone involved, why is your topic done / explored?
    c. What is / what should be the GOAL of your topic?
  3.  What is some evidence of your topic happening in real life? Please find 7 to 10 REAL LIFE examples, statistics, opinions about your topic. Be sure you BRIEFLY SUMMARIZE each one. Be sure to include a LINK to each one. /20
  4.  What advice would you give to other students about this topic? Please write a ½ page AT LEAST with your specific advice for someone who is thinking of getting into texting. /20
  5. What impact might this knowledge about your topic have upon your own usage of texting? Please write about ½ a page AT LEAST as your answer. /10

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