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For: Monday, December 17, 2012

Hello everyone.

Here are your jobs for today, please and thank you.

JOB A: Video Game Visual Essay

Please work on your Video Game Visual Essay. Our due date for that project is this week, before the winter holiday break.

JOB B: Backlog

Please continue to finish incomplete work.  The window for handing in these assignments is quickly closing as we near the end of the semester.

JOB C: Summative Project Part 1

If you are up-to-date with your assignments listed above, feel free to begin the first part of our course summative found here.


Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2012

This gallery contains 6 photos.

1. Please fill in the sheets below from today’s slide show, found below, which is in PDF format here: stereotypes in video games. 2. Please fill in the topic section of the DEBATE SHEET with the following topic: “Video Games … Continue reading

Work for Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Brainstorm the violent images that are commonly found in video games. Your goal is to have 30 specific actions that you have seen / heard of occurring in video games.

What are the PROS (Good things) and CONS (Bad things) about video games? Use the sheet provided to write down 5 points on each side — or as many as you can. For the CON (Negatives) side, think about / look at video games from the point of view of a PARENT, POLITICIAN, CONCERNED CITIZEN.

Job #3: VIDEOS
Take notes on your PROS AND CONS sheet while you watch, please and thank you.

1.Watch:  Write down 5 to 10 SPECIFIC ACTS OF VIOLENCE that you see.

2. Watch:  Please write down 2 ideas from the gaming magazine editor (with the very cool hair) as well as 2 ideas that JACK THOMPSON says.

3. Watch:  Please write down 2 IDEAS that you hear in this video.

4. Watch:  How does JACK THOMPSON connect Virginia Tech to the game Counter Strike?

Brainstorm 30 Game Characters from the beginning of video games. (For example, Pac-Man)

Think of games such as GTA, COD, Gears of War. What do these characters look like? What are their physical characteristics?

Australian man breaks gaming marathon record with Black Ops II

Okan Kaya’s passion for Call of Duty: Black Ops II is one for the record books.

On Monday, the sales manager at the Sydney-based online retailer 4Cabling set a Guinness World Record for the longest video game marathon ever by playing over 135 hours of blockbuster first-person shooter Black Ops II.

That tops the previous record of 120 hours, 7 minutes, which was set earlier this year by a Canadian duo playing Sony’s Resistance series.

It took Kaya seven days to reach the 135 hour, 50 minute mark, though he didn’t actually play in one long uninterrupted session. According to Guinness rules, players are granted one ten-minute break every hour, and any unspent time is accumulated. By skipping several breaks, Kaya was able to actually catch a little sleep and stay in relatively good spirits.

Unsupervised gaming marathons have, in the past, resulted in tragedies. In July a Taiwanese mancollapsed and died following a 40-hour Diablo III marathon at an internet café. Last year, an American gamer suffered a pulmonary embolism during a 20-hour Xbox session.

Official record-breaking attempts are closely monitored, however, and Kaya was accompanied at all times by a rotating crew of supporters and witnesses. He also exercised and alternated between sitting and standing positions while he played.

And make no mistake: he really played the game. By the end of his epic session, Kaya was ranked 37thon the Black Ops II leaderboards. The game itself is a record-breaker as well, earning over $500 million in its first 24 hours.

Parents and Video Games — Stats

Parental Involvement with Video Games — Statistics:

BLUE HAT:  Reflection

  1. Are your or are most parents aware of the ESRB Ratings?
  2. Would you say that most parents are aware of and use parental controls on video games? Were your parents aware?
  3. Do most parents place time limits on video game playing? Did yours when you were younger?
  4. Would you say that most parents are present when video games are purchased? What about when the games are played?


According to the ESA Essential Facts 2012:

  1. What percentage of parents are even aware of ESRB Ratings?
  2. What percentage of parents think ESRB Ratings are useful?
  3. What percentage of parents believe parental controls are useful?
  4. What percentage of parents place time limits on video game playing?
  5. What percentage of parents are present when games are purchased?
  6. What percentage of the time do children receive parental permission before purchasing or renting a game?
  7. What percentage of parents pay attention to the content of their children’s games?

RED HAT: Opinion

  1. Are the statisitics an accurate snapshot of what real parents are doing or thinking? What has been your experience?

For Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Hi everyone…

I had to attend a meeting today at the school board.

Please continue with your jobs today, please and thank you:


If you have any old assignments to hand in, please get them into me ASAP as we are running out of time.



Please continue to work on finishing your VIDEO GAMES VISUAL ESSAY. We have set a goal of handing them on Friday, but Monday would also be okay. Remember that you have a small I.S.P. coming on Monday as well as our pre-exam work.