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Thursday, Sept 22, 2011

Unfortunately, this cold is really hanging on…

Here are some jobs for you to do today, please and thank you.

JOB #1:

Think about the concept of HYPER REALITY.

  1. Why would audiences want to see HYPER REALITY? What do we, the audience, ‘get out of it’?
  2. EXTRA TRICKY QUESTION: Does  that say something about human nature? What is it?

JOB #2:

Go to Rotten Tomatoes and find and watch some trailers of action movies that have come out recently or are coming out in the future. Your challenge is to find 5 examples of HYPER REALITY.

JOB #3:

Think about SPECIAL EFFECTS. Now try to make the connection to the TOP 10 ALL-TIME MONEY-MAKING MOVIES.

  1. How many special effects are in these movies: none, a little, some, a lot, or tons? Why do you think that is?
  2. STUMPER QUESTION: Again, what does that say about us as human beings or our society in general?

JOB #4:

CHALLENGE QUESTION: Think of SILVER CITY cinema. Can you answer the following questions about that cinema:

  1. What food services do they provide in Silver City? (Include traditional and non-traditional movie snacks.)
  2. What typical services does a movie theatre provide for us, the audience?
  3. How does Silver City go BEYOND the usual services to make it a unique movie-going experience? (Think of the seats, the ceilings, the number of employees, etc.)

Work for: Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2011

The cold caught up with me… Ugh.

Here is your work for today, please and thankyou.

JOB #1:

Now that we have looked at both Old School and New School, let’s see if we can pick them out in some movie clips.

Today’s filmmakers usually can’t afford to have their entire movie made using CGI like Avatar. Instead, they may use a combination of Old School and New School techniques to achieve a certain look or effect. See if you can tell when the switch happens in the following clips. (In other words, what is ‘real’ because it was made and what was computer-generated?)

In this scene from Jurassic Park 2, a T-Rex attacks a downtown street. How did they achieve the following scenes: Old School, New School, or a combination of the two?

  1. The T-Rex attacking the bus?
  2. The bus crashing through the movie store window?
  3. The guy being eaten outside the window?
  4. The woman holding the baby dinosaur?

Here’s another tester:


This is a scene from X-Men 2 where Nightcrawler attacks the President of the United States in the White House. How did they achieve the following scenes: Old School, New School, or a combination of the two?


  1. The tail that appears behind him right at the beginning?
  2. The agents getting kicked and then flipping?
  3. The thousands of gunshots?
  4. The bluey-black smoke stuff when Nightcrawler disappears and then reappears?
  5. The view going through the door’s peep hole?

In your assignment and on your test, you need to be able to demonstrate your understanding by answering the following way:


“I know that the look of Nightcrawler (his face, teeth, eyes, etc.) is most likely Old School effects because it appears to me that the actor is actually wearing that makeup and it is not computer generated. In addition, the actor is wearing fake teeth as well as contact lenses which are Old School because they are actual ‘items’ that were attached to the actor’s body as opposed to adding it in with computers after the movie was made.”

Please write TWO of your answers in this fashion, please and thankyou.

JOB #2:

Please look at the tabs at the top of this web site, look under BLOCKBUSTERS for the sub-tab titled HYPER REALITY. Please write down the notes you find there (feel free to write them in your own words).

Work for Monday, September 19, 2011

Hi everyone. Here is your work for today.

Release Dates:
Go to Rotten Tomatoes and write down ten movies that are going to be released for the Christmas season. To do this, go to the www.rottentomatoes.com homepage; then look at the top of the page for the MOVIE drop down menu; click on UPCOMING; then look in NOVEMBER and DECEMBER and write down any ten movies you find there.

Type “Thor movie promotions” or “Harry Potter movie promotions” or “Pirates of the Caribbean movie promotions” in Google.ca , and look to find three items that were used to promote these movies in the summer. Which promotional item or strategy would have the best chance of reaching the most people?

Movie Budgets:
A blockbuster movie is most-often made with an enormous budget. Please go to http://www.boxofficemojo.com and follow these instructions: On the left side of the home page look for the links for BOX OFFICE; scroll down to find YEARLY and click on it; click on 2011; click on TRANSFORMERS, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA; for each of those movies, look at the PRODUCTION BUDGET and then compare it to how much the movie made WORLDWIDE. What do you notice about the size of the budget? What is the size or range of the budget of these types of movies?

Special Effects:
Go the page in this site in OLD SCHOOL SPECIAL EFFECTS and scroll down until you see a movie clip called Sonny Corleone Gets Whacked — Godfather. Watch the clip. This special effect is called BLOOD SQUIBS. How do you guess this effect was done? Please write down your guess.

Good luck! See you tomorrow!

Mr. Cooke

Batman Dark Knight Chase Scene

Here is the clip for our test.

Special Effects Tester ~ Feb. 11 2010

1. Watch the clip from X-MEN 2 by clicking here.

2. Look to see if you can find OBVIOUS EXAMPLES for the following:
a. Can you find ONE example of OLD SCHOOL SPECIAL EFFECTS?
b. Please explain HOW YOU KNOW that it is an OLD SCHOOL SPECIAL EFFECT? (“I know this is an old school special effect because…”)
c. Can you find ONE example of NEW SCHOOL SPECIAL EFFECTS?
d. Please explain HOW YOU KNOW that it is an NEW SCHOOL SPECIAL EFFECT? (“I know this is an new school special effect because…”)