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Friday, Feb. 23, 2012

Hi everyone. I had to attend another meeting! Dang it!

Here are your jobs for today, please and thankyou.

JOB #1: Promotions

1. Find examples of movie promotions. To do this, please choose one of the following options:

  1. If you want a challenge, then use your searching skills in Google to find current or recent movie promotional items or merchandise.
  2. If you want some hints about what to search for then try searching for “Captain America movie promotions” or “Thor movie promotions”.
  3. If you want to see some samples of items that I have already found, then, if I did it correctly, there should be a SMART Board Notebook file in the Handout folder called “movie promotions” or something like that, and included in that are examples of movie promotions OR visit this LINK to see some THOR movie promotions.
  4. Once you have found some promotions, choose THREE that you think are actually kind of interesting.

2. Viral Marketing: Please look in the Handout folder for the SMART Board Notebook file  called “Viral Marketing” (or something like that). Attempt to learn what viral marketing is and how it is used in movies. Embedded in the slide show are a few links to some interesting promotional marketing that was done for The Dark Knight.

a. Note: if you feel like exploring this topic further, use Google to explore “viral movie promotions” or “The Dark Knight viral movie promotions” if you want a more specific search. Plus, there is this site I discovered, which is all about viral movie promotions: http://www.movieviral.com/


Here is an interesting short article about how viral marketing was used to make Paranormal Activity the success that it was: http://www.movieviral.com/2009/10/27/paranormal-activity-viral-marketing/


JOB #2: Release Dates

1. Please visit http://www.rottentomatoes.com/, revisit the Upcoming pages and look for movies that could be potential blockbuster movies starting in May. When I looked yesterday, I discovered at least 5 that appear to be trying to be blockbuster movies; see if you can find some or all of those movies and, if you can, write down the release dates to see if it fits our Triple Venn.

2. If you wanted to explore this a little further, you could dig a little to discover when the following movies were released:

  1. Iron Man 1 and 2
  2. Thor
  3. Captain America
  4. Green Lantern
  5. Transformers
  6. The Harry Potter movies
  7. Avatar
  8. The Lord of the Rings movies

JOB #3: Movie Theatres

1. Using only your brain or with help from the internet, can you complete the following brainstorm challenges:

  1. Can you name 15 movie theatres with at least 5 being local / London-based?
  2. Can you name 10 parts of a movie theatre that the regular movie-goer would see / use (lobby, etc.)?


JOB #4: Prediction

1. Which fast food company do you think will partner up with The Avengers or any one of the summer blockbusters you discovered on Rotten Tomatoes?




Work for Monday, September 19, 2011

Hi everyone. Here is your work for today.

Release Dates:
Go to Rotten Tomatoes and write down ten movies that are going to be released for the Christmas season. To do this, go to the www.rottentomatoes.com homepage; then look at the top of the page for the MOVIE drop down menu; click on UPCOMING; then look in NOVEMBER and DECEMBER and write down any ten movies you find there.

Type “Thor movie promotions” or “Harry Potter movie promotions” or “Pirates of the Caribbean movie promotions” in Google.ca , and look to find three items that were used to promote these movies in the summer. Which promotional item or strategy would have the best chance of reaching the most people?

Movie Budgets:
A blockbuster movie is most-often made with an enormous budget. Please go to http://www.boxofficemojo.com and follow these instructions: On the left side of the home page look for the links for BOX OFFICE; scroll down to find YEARLY and click on it; click on 2011; click on TRANSFORMERS, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA; for each of those movies, look at the PRODUCTION BUDGET and then compare it to how much the movie made WORLDWIDE. What do you notice about the size of the budget? What is the size or range of the budget of these types of movies?

Special Effects:
Go the page in this site in OLD SCHOOL SPECIAL EFFECTS and scroll down until you see a movie clip called Sonny Corleone Gets Whacked — Godfather. Watch the clip. This special effect is called BLOOD SQUIBS. How do you guess this effect was done? Please write down your guess.

Good luck! See you tomorrow!

Mr. Cooke

Iron Man 2 Promotions ~ Feb 11 2010

Explore what PROMOTIONS are being used or are on the way for IRON MAN 2.