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Choice of Hot Star:
I have chosen Robert Downey Jr.

I have chosen Robert Downey Jr. because he has been in a few movies recently that were intended to be BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES and they made enough money to be considered successful. Specifically, Robert Downey Jr. was in Iron Man which made almost $600 million and then he was in Sherlock Holmes which has made almost $500 million. Even though RDj was a star in the 1980’s and then was at the end of the FAD SLOPE (Part E), he has been able to bring his career back to being successful. It appears that now if his face and / or name appear on a movie poster then that movie will have a better chance of being successful. And RDj is starring in Iron Man 2 coming out this spring and his name and picture are on the posters. That is why I think he is a HOT STAR.


Iron Man 2 Promotions ~ Feb 11 2010

Explore what PROMOTIONS are being used or are on the way for IRON MAN 2.




25 Best Reviewed Vampire Movies: Rotten Tomatoes

30 Days of Night (2007)

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Will you go and see PARANORMAL ACTIVITY?

MANDATORY BLOG: Paranormal Activity ~ Sleeper Hit!


REMINDER: Sleeper Hit: A sleeper hit, a.k.a. surprise hit (often simply called a “sleeper”), refers to a film, book, single, album, TV show, or video game that gains unexpected success or recognition. — Wikipedia
> Sometimes, a sleeper hit is a low budget movie (or in this case an ‘ultra low-budget’ movie).

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Paranormal Activity Movie Tops Box Office Hits

Written by Donna Diegel
Exclusive to HULIQ.com

*** Note the bolded words: these are words that we studied! *** 🙂

On its way to becoming the next The Blair Witch Project, and just in time for Halloween, Paranormal Activity, the low-budget horror movie, pushed past Saw VI, and topped the charts for an impressive $62.5 million in ticket sales.

Releasing Paranormal Activity just before Halloween was a stroke of genius on Paramount’s part. Add to that the incredible VIRAL effect the internet, TWITTER in particular, has had on the low-budget horror movie. Twitter is buzzing with “Paranormal Activity”. Twitter’s trending topics has seen Paranormal Activity in its top 10 spots for days. Everyone is excited to see it, and some are waiting until Halloween weekend. Imagine what that will do for ticket sales?

Paranormal Activity is an exception to the rule. When Hollywood is pumping out hundreds of movies that barely make their budget, Oren Peli, an Israeli-born video game designer shot the almost no-budget film in a week, for about $11,000. Peli produced the horror movie with a cast of unknowns, a motley crew of friends and a hand-held video camera. Yet, Paranormal Activity continues to climb the charts, screaming past Saw VI at almost double the ticket sales.

The North American box office has seen its share of Halloween movies scream to the top of the charts in previous years. Since Paranormal Activity’s limited release on September 25, the low-budget horror film reached the #1 spot. With double the theaters showing the movie this past weekend, Paranormal Activity has still managed to bring in another $22 million, bringing the total ticket sales to a whopping $62.5 million. Not bad for an $11,000 investment.

The Los Angles Times says, “Hardly any micro-budget movie ever escapes its creator’s basement, and to travel all the way to the slate of a studio that releases “Star Trek” and “Transformers” — that’s beyond exceptional.”

Now that Paranormal Activity is doing so well, the question is, “Could there be a sequel in this?” “We have the rights on a worldwide basis to do Paranormal 2 and we’re looking to see if that makes some sense,” said Paramount studio chairman Brad Grey. If Paramount can get it together in a hurry, it looks like there may be a second Paranormal coming just in time for Halloween 2010.

Top Box Office Hits for October 23-25

  1. Paranormal Activity – $22 million
  2. Saw VI – $14.8 million
  3. Where the Wild Things Are – $14.4 million
  4. Law Abiding Citizen – $12.7 million
  5. Couples Retreat – $11.1 million


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When SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES (such as FACEBOOK, TWITTER, MYSPACE, etc.) engage in creating WORD OF MOUTH VIRAL BUZZ about a topic or a person, do you think that is a MOSTLY POSITIVE activity or is VIRAL BUZZ mostly used NEGATIVELY?

HINT: Think about your own life / experiences: what topics get spread around SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES quickly? Overall, are these topics positive or negative?


PLUS: LINKS for your interest about Paranormal Activity
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Stars: Who will you choose? Why?
Topic / Genre: What topic or genre will you choose? Why?
Special Effects: What “hyper reality” will you try to create using special effects that will ‘wow’ the audience?
Release Date: When will you release your movie? Why?
Promotional Blitz: What specific ideas can you think of that will best promote your movie to your chosen audience? Where will people see these things?
Audience: Who is your movie being promoted to? Why that group of people?
Purpose: How will your movie affect the success of a multiplex cinema? Please explain.

Worst Reviewed Movies of All-Time

Over the last decade, we’ve collected reviews for thousands of movies. Most films, even profoundly mediocre ones, can expect to receive at least cursory support from the pundits. However, once in a while, a film will take such a critical drubbing that further attention is warranted. That’s where our Worst of the Worst list comes in. We’ve compiled a veritable cornucopia of dull, foolhardy, and outright terrible films, from legendary duds (Battlefield Earth) to chuckle-deficient comedies (Epic Movie), from hapless sequels (Basic Instinct 2) to scare-free would-be fright fests (Alone in the Dark). We’ve pored over the reviews to bring you the lowest Tomatometers of the decade — including several (All About Steve, Whiteout) that were released within the last several weeks. In other words, we suffered for our work — now it’s your turn. Click on the picture above or this link to go to the list.