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Monday, November 30, 2009

Today, we tied up a few loose ends so as to get ourselves ready for our investigation of violent video games:

1. We explored the lure of video games — i.e. what attracts so many people to video games. We discussed this in class and then I showed 4 ideas that are found on this web page, The Lure of Video Games.

2. We finished up the letter and venn diagram activity from the previous Friday. I informed the students that, on the test, there would be a section where we had to choose either the letter or the venn and complete it, but it would have to include ideas about Stimulus Addiction, Lure, and Immersion.

3. We completed one of our lists; this time, students were asked to brainstorm as many video games that parents, parent groups, governments, etc. would consider ‘controversial’. I gave the example of Halo. We shared our ideas on the Smart Board.

4. Our final activity in class was to complete one of our ‘lotteries’ to decide who would investigate which topic regarding violent video games and their connections to crimes and controversy.