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Charlie Sheen on the Net

Charlie Sheen sets up Twitter account

This just in: Charlie Sheen is controlling the interwebs right now.

In addition to joining Twitter less than an hour ago and already gaining more than 60,000 followers (with zero tweets), the actor is popping up all over Facebook and other social media sites with his memorable quotes. (Rest of article here.)


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Choice of Hot Star:
I have chosen Robert Downey Jr.

I have chosen Robert Downey Jr. because he has been in a few movies recently that were intended to be BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES and they made enough money to be considered successful. Specifically, Robert Downey Jr. was in Iron Man which made almost $600 million and then he was in Sherlock Holmes which has made almost $500 million. Even though RDj was a star in the 1980’s and then was at the end of the FAD SLOPE (Part E), he has been able to bring his career back to being successful. It appears that now if his face and / or name appear on a movie poster then that movie will have a better chance of being successful. And RDj is starring in Iron Man 2 coming out this spring and his name and picture are on the posters. That is why I think he is a HOT STAR.