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Setting up GOOGLE DOCS


By the end of today, my goal is for all of us to have the following:
a. an iGoogle page
b. to add a News Feed to your iGoogle page
c. an understanding of how to use Google Docs / Google Presentations / Google Calendar

Your Google Docs account, while in this class, is for
It is not to be used for SOCIAL NETWORKING.
We need to use Google Docs in a professional and academic way,
please and thank you!

NOTE : To begin, you need to have an email address that is working. You can either use your own personal email, but the problem is that your email will then appear at the top of some of your documents. You may not want your email to be that public. Instead, you can create a secondary email at another email site; in the past, I have used inbox.com

iGOOGLE: Once you have your email chosen, go to http://www.google.ca and create an iGoogle page. You will have to confirm your email address is real.
ADD STUFF to iGOOGLE: Once your page is created, you can change the THEME, and you can click on the ADD STUFF link where you can (obviously) add stuff to personalize your iGoogle page.
GOOGLE NEWS: Go to News at the top of the page. Type in a topic that you are really passionate about and might want more information about. Your topic can be as general as “hockey” or you could narrow your topic to “Sidney Crosby” or an arena. Similarly, you could search for “music” or narrow that to a specific artist / band, such as “U2″. When you have chosen your topic, type it into the search bar in Google News, which will return with recent articles about your topic.
GOOGLE NEWS GADGET: Once you have the results of your topic (and you are happy with your topic), then scroll down to the bottom of the page. There, you will see a series of blue coloured links; you want the one that says: “Add a news gadget for u2 to your Google homepage” ( I chose U2 as an example). Click on this link; you will then have the choice of whether to add your news gadget to your Google homepage or to a Google reader. Choose Google homepage, and a News gadget about your topic should appear on your iGoogle homepage.
GOOGLE DOCS: Go to your iGoogle homepage and click on “more” or there is a drop down menu next to it. Click on Google Docs. (There is a video on YouTube that explains Google Docs in a couple of minutes, if you prefer: Google Docs in Plain English)
NEW DOC: Go to the button that says “New” and click on “Document”. When your document is created, write your name at the top of your page, and then answer the following questions: 1. What is your favourite food?
2. What is your favourite type of music?
3. What are you hoping to do after high school?
SHARE: Once you have finished your answers, you need to make sure you have saved your document. The next step is then to SHARE your document; you do this by pressing the SHARE drop down menu and then pressing “Invite people”. In order to share, you will need to have the email address of the person you want to share with. In order to share with me (Mr. Cooke), you need to write in the following email address: mistercooke@inbox.com, and then press “Send”. NOTE: THIS EMAIL ADDRESS IS FOR ACADEMICS ONLY. AVOID ALL SOCIALIZING / INFORMAL MESSAGES, PLEASE. THEY WILL BE DELETED IMMEDIATELY. I will then be able to see this document. You can choose to have your document as “Read-only” or you can give the other person co-ownership of your document, which means that they can make changes to it just like you can.
NEXT STEP: GOOGLE CALENDAR: Explore Google Calendar. Once you have an iGoogle account and once you and I have opened up a Google Docs sharing route, then we can begin to explore Google Calendar.