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Raw Video: Groom updates relationship status from altar

Groom updates relationship status during ceremony

By Kevin Jess.
Dec 4, 2009

A Maryland couple have created a story that has seen their wedding video go viral on YouTube when the groom interrupted the ceremony to update his relationship status on FaceBook.

When Dana Hanna of Abington, Maryland was standing at the altar with his bride last month he was unaware that when he interrupted the ceremony and took out his Blackberry to update his Twitter account and his relationship status on FaceBook that he would go down in YouTube history with a video that would go viral. In the video you can see Mr. Hanna reaching into his pocket just after saying his vows. Just after being pronounced man and wife the minister said, “Oh, Dana is updating his relationship status on Facebook,” as those in attendance laughed. Hanna then twittered that he and his wife Tracy were married and the ceremony continued. The Twitter post, which is what started the couple’s online fame said, “Standing at the altar with @TracyPage where just a second ago, she became my wife! Gotta go, time to kiss my bride. #weddingday 1:48 PM Nov 21st from Twittelator.” When the ceremony continued the minister officiating said, “As I was saying, I now pronounce you husband and wife. It’s now official on Facebook. It’s official in my book. Dana you may kiss your bride.”

Mr. Hanna, a computer programmer, said to TechCrunch, “No one knew about this except the minister, and myself.” He said that his wife was as surprised by the action as the guests. According to Reuters, Hanna may be a bit overwhelmed by the attention and has posted a new comment on his Twitter account saying, “To all the criticizers of my video out there questioning my sanity: You don’t get it. I was having fun at MY wedding! Loosen up, have fun!” His new wife, Tracy who may also be feeling a bit twitterpated posted, “Can’t sleep, very anxious about this new fame. What will become of it?”