2. Media and Our Lives


People who analyse our society say that we have become a ‘media-saturated’ society, and that we are integrating media and technology into our daily lives more and more with each year.

Overall, would you say that this is a POSITIVE and USEFUL TREND or a NEGATIVE and HARMFUL TREND? You must please explain your opinion.


Ideas to help you get started for Question #2


  • Some research is actually showing that our IQ’s are increasing as media and technology gets more sophisticated.
  • How does living with so much technology and media available 24 hours a day (‘connectivity’) benefit us?
  • How could our education system improve so as to keep up with the constantly evolving media world? (In other words, what would a ‘media-savvy’ education system look like?)
  • How do you think jobs are improved by connectivity? What do you think jobs of the future will be like in terms of media?
  • How are today’s teens / students more sophisticated than teens / students from 50, 30, or even 10 years ago? (You could interview a parent or grandparent about what school was like for them and compare it to your life now and what you think the future should be like.)
  • Is real life boring? Are we addicted to escapism? 


  • Mark Bauerlain has written a book called “The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupifies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future”.
  • What negative effects do you see from your own experiences of media-saturation / connectivity upon our lives?
  • What effects does constant connectivity have upon our health – especially a young user?
  • Is connectivity a new form of addiction?
  • Whose fault is it?
  • What solution can you suggest to correct the problem as you see it?
  • Is real life boring? Are we addicted to escapism?

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