Work for Wed. Feb 29th, 2012

Hi everyone.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am unable to be at school today. Here are your jobs for today, please and thank you.

JOB #1:
Please continue with your project by attempting to answer one or even two of the questions.

If you are aiming for a Level 4 in this course, then you will aim to do the following:

If you are inventing:

  1. Make solid choices that will help you to make your movie a commercial success. This may mean that you may not be able to pick your personal favourite actor.
  2.  Your explanations must demonstrate some depth of thought. Each answer should aim to be a minimum of three to four sentences.
  3. Your explanation of symbiosis must demonstrate a solid understanding of the relationship between blockbuster movies and megaplex cinemas.


If you are dissecting:

  1. You must be able to accurately examine the movie to figure out what Blockbuster Movie ingredients the movie studio included or didn’t include.
  2. You also must explain your ideas thoroughly. (See above)
  3. You also must be able to demonstrate your understanding of symbiosis by explaining, using factual information, how your movie did or did not help a megaplex cinema.

JOB #2:
Feel free to explore the concept of sleeper hits by checking out these links:

  1. Top 10 Sleeper Hits Gallery of 2010
  2. Sleeper Hits on (includes films, songs, books, etc.)
  3. Sleeper Hits of 2011

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