Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2012

JOB 1:
Watch the trailer below for BATTLESHIP and answer the following questions:

  1. NEW SCHOOL SPECIAL EFFECTS: Look for any obvious CGI moments but also for any special effects moments where the action is extra dangerous or intense.
  2. HYPER REALITY: Look for any moments where time is slowed down or sped up, OR things are made to look extra exciting / scary / intense than they actually would be in real life.
  3. WATERSHED MOMENT: Were any of the special effects you saw in this trailer ‘trailblazing’ or innovative?

JOB 2:
a. Find a movie trailer of your own choosing and try to answer the same three questions.

JOB 3:
a. EXTRA TRICKY McTOUGH QUESTION: Why wouldn’t a movie company try to include a WATERSHED MOMENT in their movie (special effects, story topic, etc.)?

JOB 4:
a. If you want to look at yucky or  special effects, check out this video of effects from the SAW movies:


b. Or this one on the making of the Matrix scene:



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