Work for: Monday, Feb. 13, 2012

Hi everyone. Unfortunately, I have to attend another meeting today

Here is your work for today, please and thankyou.


Please answer the following questions:

1. Approximately how many movies do you watch per month:

  1.  in the theatres?
  2. on TV (satellite, pay-TV, etc.)
  3. VHS, DVD or Blu-Ray?
  4. online?
  5. using Netflix?

2. Do you usually watch movies:

  1. alone?
  2. with friends?
  3. with family?

3. Can you name TWO reasons why you watch movies?

a. Please brainstorm MUSIC, TOYS, SAYINGS, TV SHOWS, MOVIES, CLOTHING, VIDEO GAMES, etc. that was very popular when you were in grade school. These are things that ‘everyone had to have’ or wanted to have. Try to brainstorm at least 5 if you can.

a.  Please brainstorm a list of ACTORS that you predict earn the most money for each movie they make.


JOB #4: Movie on IMDB
a. Please visit

  1. Please investigate your TOP 5 – 10 favourite movies. This time, aim to discover the GENRE of each of them. Is there a pattern?

JOB #5: Movie Promotions
a. Please brainstorm the typical ways that movies are promoted. In other words, how do movies ‘get the word out there’ that their movie is coming out?

b. Please type “The Avengers movie promotions” to see if there are any movie promotions already out for this movie.

Thank you!
Mr. Cooke


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