Top 10 biggest video game stories By Steve Tilley of

#5: Red Ring of Death

Top 10 biggest video game stories

By Steve Tilley

1. Hot Coffee — Sexually explicit content discovered on the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game disc leads to a political firestorm and massive recall (2005).
2. Bill vs. Japan — Microsoft’s Bill Gates unveils the Xbox game console and enters a market dominated by Sony, Nintendo and Sega (2000).
3. Brandon Crisp tragedy — After the confiscation of his game console, an Ontario teen runs runs away from home and is later found dead from a fall (2008).
4. Call of booty — Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 breaks single-day entertainment sales records, with more than $300 million rung up at registers (2009).
5. Red ring of death — Outcry over the abnormally high failure rate of Xbox 360 consoles leads Microsoft to extend the system’s warranty to three years (2007).
6. Rhymes with “twee” — Nintendo reveals their new video game console, previously codenamed Revolution, will officially be called Wii (2006).
7. Death of a dream — Industry titan Sega exits the hardware manufacturing business after the failure of the Dreamcast game console (2001).
8. Duke Nukem for never — Game developer 3D Realms announces that the 12-years-in-the-making Duke Nukem Forever has been cancelled (2009).
9. Ganging up on Bully — The teen-rated action-adventure game Bully is attacked by teachers and politicians who feel it glorifies schoolyard violence (2006).
10. For the horde — Massively multiplayer online game World of Warcraft launches, and becomes one of the most successful gaming phenomena of the decade (2004).


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