Victim tracks down attacker on Facebook


From Sky News

November 20, 2009 05:13am

A UK woman who was slashed in the face at a bar used Facebook to track down her attacker.

Jennifer Wilson, 20, was dancing in the Walkabout bar northwest of London when a drunk woman lashed out at her, Sky News reported.

“She kept giving me dirty looks and then she pulled me off the stage onto the floor and pushed the glass into my face,” Ms Wilson said.

“It’s disgusting that anyone could attack someone like that,” she said.

The woman ran off after the incident. After searching through 200 people on Facebook, a popular social networking website, Ms Wilson found her attacker, identifying her as Ashleigh Holliman.

Ms Wilson said: “I went on Facebook and looked at a mutual friend’s profile and searched his friends list. As soon as I saw her picture I knew it was her. She is quite distinctive, with red hair.”

Police arrested Holliman, 22, at work the following day. They took her to a police station where Jennifer picked her out of a line-up.

A court awarded Jennifer £2400 ($4352) as compensation and ordered Holliman to do 120 hours of unpaid work.For a photo of the victim, visit Sky News.


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